About Me

First of all welcome on this portfolio website.


I am Sámuel, born in Belgium and lost my heart in Portugal, the most South-Western country of Europe.


I love traveling, different cultures and discovering the world around me. So, I like good food, amazing vibes, go back to basics and to learn from each other. Because we are all equal but also different. And that makes the life and world so beautiful.


My love for Portugal is due to the Portuguese peoples have the same mindset as I do: down to earth, easy simple way of living, but full of passion and with an open mindset to the world, living day by day. They are also already discoverers for many centuries to learn more from the world. Last but not least, I am completely sold on the portuguese "Saudade" way of living.


Also, I have a natural gift to quickly learn my way around. My friends and family sometimes call me a "walking GPS".


Finally, due to these aspects, my artistic mindset and interest in photography, I decided to make this site with the photographic work of the wonderfull places I have already visited and want to share with you.


So, be welcome, seja bem-vindo, and enjoy!